A New Business Venture

A New Business Venture

  • White Glove Movers Vs. Pod Movers

    Deciding what sort of moving service to use will have a huge impact on your move. While you could rent a moving van and take on the work of packing, loading, and driving your gear to a new location, you could also hire a moving service. Of the many options out there, two worth considering are a full service, white-glove moving service and a pod moving company.  White-Glove Movers If you don't have the time or the capability to handle your moving on your own, then you should consider hiring a white-glove moving service.

  • 3 Reasons To Consider Using An Outdoor Storage Facility

    Storage facilities are very versatile businesses, with the two main types being outdoor and indoor storage facilities. Indoor facilities typically have all of the units located within a single building, while outdoor facilities usually have multiple smaller buildings located within a fenced-in lot. The large number of options, security, and convenience are all great reasons to rent from an outdoor storage facility. Security Outdoor facilities are usually quite secure, and typically include everything from around-the-clock surveillance to onsite security guards.

  • Eco-Friendly Moving Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Move

    Moving can require a lot of products, ranging from packing supplies to cleaning solutions used for your home. In order to keep your move as eco-friendly as possible, it's crucial that you look into what kinds of changes you can make. Clean with Eco-Friendly Products Skipping harmful chemicals such as ammonia and bleach is just the first step towards eco-friendly cleaning. Since most cleaning solution residue ends up being washed down the drain, it's important that you insist upon using eco-friendly products that are effective at removing grime without being a hazard for the environment.

  • Warehouse Storage Vs. Individual Units: When The Warehouse Might Be The Best Choice

    Many moving companies now offer warehouse storage space for their clients. This added service can be very beneficial for many people. Storage services are often needed by those on the move because it is not always possible to have a new residence ready at the exact time they need to vacate their previous address. Storage facilities make it easy to stay with relatives, rent a small apartment or spend a week or two at a hotel without having to drag around everything you own.

  • Moving Overseas? These Storage Tips Can Help

    Moving overseas, whether for a few months or for a few years, can be stressful. Don't let dealing with the belongings that you have to leave behind add to that stress. Most items can survive long-term storage just fine if you take the time to pack them and store them correctly. Tip #1: Store Only the Essentials The longer your planned relocation, the less essentials you need to store. For example, if you will be overseas for less than a year, it makes sense to store most of your household goods and furnishings.

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    A New Business Venture

    For the past several years, my friend worked as a waitress at a local restaurant. Although she enjoyed her job, she started to want to do something different with her life. After some research, she decided to start a new business. She began purchasing storage units. After buying them, she inspects the inventory in them. She then sells the inventory on the internet. So far, she’s enjoying her new career as an entrepreneur. She’s always amazed at the type of items she finds in the storage units she buys. On this blog, you will discover how to start a new business venture by selling inventory found in purchased storage units.