A New Business Venture

A New Business Venture

  • 4 Awesome Workplace Storage Solutions

    Whether you work at an industrial job site or a towering office building, workplace storage solutions can make your professional life a whole lot easier. The number of heavy duty plastic storage containers options is almost overwhelming, but read on below to check out just four of the things you can use to increase productivity and peace of mind in the workplace. Attached Lid Container The attached lid container is the workhouse of office storage solutions.

  • Making A Successful Move With Kids

    Moving can be a stressful experience. Throw some kids in the mix and your stress level can fly off the chart. Trying to pack boxes, get organized, and haul stuff from one location to the next can be more difficult when you are stepping around kids. If you can't leave them with their grandparents while you get moved, you need to get creative. This means finding a place for your children to get involved and making the best of the experience.

  • A Guide To Storing Your Vinyl Records

    If you have an extensive vinyl record collection and decide to keep safe inside a storage unit, you need to know how to store them. Excessive heat, cold temperatures, and moisture can ruin vinyl records within a matter of minutes. By storing your classic vinyl record collection correctly, you're protecting them for many years to come. Temperature Controlled The temperature at which you should store your vinyl records depends on how long you plan on keeping them in storage.

  • 4 Tips For Helping Your Pets Through A Move

    Moving can be a major production for you and your family. It can become an even bigger chore if you have pets that need to be transported. Here are some tips to help make the moving process better for you and your pets.  1. Have Your Pet Checked Out In the week before you move, have your pet examined by a veterinarian. This is especially important if you are moving to another state.

  • Self Storage Units: 2 Tips For Easy Retrieval Of Stored Items

    Packing your items into a self storage unit is a relatively easy job. However, retrieving the items that you need in the weeks and months to come can be an entirely different story if you have not taken steps to ensure these items can be easily found and removed from your unit. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this type of issue by taking just a few minutes to implement one or both of the tips below when packing your self storage unit.

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    A New Business Venture

    For the past several years, my friend worked as a waitress at a local restaurant. Although she enjoyed her job, she started to want to do something different with her life. After some research, she decided to start a new business. She began purchasing storage units. After buying them, she inspects the inventory in them. She then sells the inventory on the internet. So far, she’s enjoying her new career as an entrepreneur. She’s always amazed at the type of items she finds in the storage units she buys. On this blog, you will discover how to start a new business venture by selling inventory found in purchased storage units.